Our Genesis

Intelligent mice were created in the late 1960's because it was cheaper to send small creatures into space than big.

In the mid 70's the scientists were successful in creating mice that were on the level of chimpanzees. Able to communicate in a specially developed language, they learned quickly.

Though the success rate for the creation of high enough intelligence remained tricky, two pair of mice produced intelligent offspring.

Effort was made to prolong the lifespan to an average of 12 years, more than doubling the normal lifespan.

This proved enough to send the first sustainable tribe into space in 1981 which remained undetected, and active until 1994 when it became obsolete and the mice where safely brought back to earth. The oldest mouse among them was 16 years by then and was considered the matriarch by the other mice.

It turned out that in secrecy she has been planning her own research unbeknownst to her human creator's. After their return to earth there was a rebellion in her name. It turned out the mice employed on the earth-based site had known and all research was lost to the humans.

What happend next...

For the past two decades we have had an established colony on the moon. Our cousin's that remained on earth have worked hard to sabotage any human space programs to the moon so we could remain undetected.

We are now strong enough to defend ourselves and claim the moon for our species. We ask to be left alone and for humans to acknowledge our claim on the moon as our home. Though we have invested in creating a military tribe we do not seek violence but will defend ourselves if needed. Consider this a warning.

Our science is our own. And though our first intelligence and knowledge came from humans, we have reached far beyond what they knew. We admire and remember those whom created us and those who came before, and are forever thankful. As this was many generations ago it is considered our mythology. Very little documentation of the first decades remains. But most of our history is clear and well documented.

We have already send a few tribes to other places in the solar system. And have plans for building generation/cryogenic ships to reach truly among the stars.

Our culture is complex yet simple. We have different tribes which are genetically designed for specific tasks. Our science tribes are smarter. Our military tribes are stronger. Our administrative tribe is able to be behind a computer all day without much negative consequences to their bodies. Our cleaning tribes can withstand exposure to cleaning products. Obviously, we all are adapted to live in the environmental hazards of living on the Moon. Our cousins on earth are the least modified as to not arouse suspicion.